27 February 2015

Italy, my point of view

Okay, I don't know how to start all of this new blog thing so I'm going to say the basic information about me:
Amalfi Coast, Italy
My name is Gaia, I live in a small city near Milan, Italy, I've got many hobbies and passions and one of the biggest is travelling.
I love exploring new countries and I think a lot of people want to explore mine and so here we come to what I want to do with this blog.
Most of the world sees Italy only as pizza, lasagne and mandolin but it's a lot more than this. Italy is not only made of Rome, Venice and Florence, but it's made of more than 200 beautiful villages, 50 UNESCO sites and thousands of  beautiful places not a lot of people know. Italy is about small cities, it's about tradition, family, community...
I want to talk to you about the way we live, the way we see the world from our eyes, about how much we care about our history, our monuments, our Italy.
I'm just a girl who thinks she's one of the luckiest living where she lives. I saw a lot of places and I still think my home is one of the best.
Puglia, Italy
I want to make you understand how beautiful and amazing this country is, It's more beautiful than everyone thinks. It's a perfect mixture of history, modernity, tradition and nature.
A lot of people look at what they're visiting with stiff eyes, I don't want to do that, I like to see things from every side, and a city is not only made of the center, the buildings and the suburbs; it's made of streets which have seen thousands of people walking, from the Roman soldiers to the street-dancers, it's made of the sky, the clouds, the sun, which make every single view an unique place that can make you feel every emotion in two seconds, it's made of the traffic of an eventful life or the peace of a country life. This is a city, and this is my point of view.